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Marc Elias, Owner

In 1972, upon graduating high school, I decided to take the part time work I had been doing and turn it into a full-time business.  Forty years later, I’m happy to say I made the right choice.  

As owner of Marc Elias Cleaning Services, it brings me great satisfaction to know I have built Marin’s premiere cleaning company.  Since I grew up and lived in Marin my whole life, it is important to me that I provide the members of my community services I can be proud of.  Over the years our expertise led us to specialize in serving the discerning homeowner who lives in such places as Belvedere, Tiburon, Sausalito, Mill Valley, and Ross.  

One of the visions I had for my company was to make sure it was much more than just a maid service.  An example of this is the physicality of the teams I have put together.  This means our teams can do such things as move furniture, or heavy appliances and climb a ladder (up to 25 ft).  Another example of this, unlike a maid service, is not what we clean but how we clean it.  Our staff has received extensive training on the detail of the work they perform.  I have even developed a 300+ point checklist to insure this level of detail.

The team of people I have assembled including my President, Anthony J. D'Ambrosio and my Vice President, Shiloh Cokinos share my vision of what is most important to my clients; professionalism, attention to detail, integrity and doing whatever is necessary to bring a smile to my client’s faces. 

Those smiles on my client's faces have provided me with the inspiration to make our 40 years of experience not just one year of experience repeated 40 times, but has inspired me to take each year of our 40 years and make sure it is better than the year before.  Better in the sense of how we do our job and better in the sense of how we view what a job well-done means.


                                                        Marc                            Anthony and Shiloh

Marc Elias Cleaning Services
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